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15. October 2023

Update from the Chepang community in Ghyalchowk – community project

After a number of lengthy administrative procedures and the preparation of a detailed project plan and all the necessary paperwork, our joint project is well on the way to being realised.

The submission to the Social Welfare Council has been made – now we have to wait for approval. This should arrive at the end of October/beginning of November. Our goal:

The project will support 130 households in Chepang in coordination with the local rural community in order to improve the economic situation of the community by promoting livestock farming (goats and chickens), building stables for the animals and training community members in appropriate animal husbandry.

Images: First orientation of the population in April 2023

Specifically, this means:

130 selected households will be divided into 9 groups (3 groups for the first year, 4 groups for the second year and 2 groups for the third year). Of the 3 groups in 2023, 2 groups will breed goats and the remaining 1 group will look after chickens. The groups receiving goats are instructed to give one offspring (a kid) of their goats from each participating household to the next group the following year, and from this second year’s goat, the kid must be passed on to last year’s groups. The group taking care of the chickens is not obliged to do so, as only one group is selected for the chickens in the first year. This will be realised together with the local authorities, the livestock owners will be trained by the veterinary service and the municipality will keep a watchful eye on the livestock owners at the beginning. They will sign a declaration of consent.

Each family receives a female goat (a healthy breed with high fertility) for goat rearing. One billy goat per group will be cared for in a selected family – the vet will also carry out regular checks. Before the animals are delivered, the future animal owners will provide suitable accommodation for the animals with our support.

Timetable: Training sessions for the future animal owners and the creation or adaptation of the animal accommodation are planned for November and December. First delivery of animals in February 2024.

The project will be continuously supported and monitored by our staff in Nepal. Refresher training sessions are planned. After two years and nine months, an evaluation will take place and the results and benefits for the population will be analysed.

We are looking forward to seeing it look like this in Chepang too!


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