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Two sub-projects in the Chepang community in Ghyalchowk

The following sub-projects are also underway:

The women of the Chepangs are basically equal to the men.

They would like to contribute to the family income, but there is a lack of opportunities in this region. The Tara Namaste Foundation wants to enable them to earn extra income by doing handicrafts at home. This way they do not have to leave the children alone. The women are trained and the necessary tools are provided. We started with macramé work. We have made a start. During our last visit, 18 women learnt to crochet in a week of training. They have already made some attractive potholders and nets, which they will be able to make to order over the next few months. The women are eager and happy to participate, eager to learn new things and happy to earn extra income. We want to look for further opportunities in the future and realise them with them.

Health and hygiene

The families affected by poverty lack the means to buy soap or other hygiene products. The small medical practice financed by the community is equipped with additional hygiene articles not financed by the government. This gives the doctor the opportunity to teach the population basic hygiene measures for health care and to hand out hygiene products.


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