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19. January 2024

Project to secure livelihoods

58 members of the first four “goat breeding groups” took part in the training course on commercial goat breeding in December. The participants (10 men, 48 women) were trained by a local livestock development expert on the requirements for goat farming. Topics included animal behaviour, husbandry, feeding, diseases, etc.

A committee of five people was formed from this group. This committee is available to the members of the group for questions relating to goat husbandry, insurance issues and help with the construction of the goat shed.

Before the goats are distributed to the families, the stables must first be repaired or newly built. Quotations were requested for the necessary materials. Once the necessary letter of request has been received from the district office, work can begin.

A project management and monitoring committee was also set up under the leadership of the district chairman. One member from each breeder group, representatives of the Tara Namaste Foundation and the veterinarian also form this committee. This committee will decide on the implementation of the project and will meet every four to six months. At the end of the project period defined by Tara Namaste (3 years in total), this committee will ensure the continuation of the project.

The impact of the project will be evaluated at the end of the project. Seven households from each of the four groups with goats and seven households with chickens were randomly selected for the study in the community. The current status of 28 households has already been surveyed and is now being analysed.

Good networking and liaising with the local authorities is essential. The project has therefore been presented to various representatives of the authorities. We can count on the support of all local authorities.

Various goat farms are currently being visited to find healthy animals. Once the housing for the animals has been completed (February/March), the first goats will be allowed to move in with the families.


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