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The goats are here!

The last few weeks in the Chepang Communtiy have been characterised by impatient anticipation, great excitement, joy and a lot of work. After a long preparation phase, the “goat breeding” project has finally been realised. The families of the first three groups, i.e. 58 families, received their goats. Beforehand, the accommodation for the animals have been renovated or newly built and grass has also be sown to ensure that there is enough food.

The material for the extension or construction of new stables for the goats was brought close to the village. With a lot of womanpower, fences and corrugated iron roofs were carried over arduous paths to the village and then to the future goat breeders. Under expert guidance, the shelters were built, extended or remodelled in collaboration with the respective owners.

Two weeks later, the time had come: the goats arrived in the village. They were eagerly awaited. The goats are insured, are tagged and then handed over to their families.

The work of preparing the grass for sowing and the subsequent sowing is a joint effort – everyone who can helps.


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