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10. June 2024

Travel report 4th – 11th April 2024 – latest status in Chepang village

It is hot in this area (34°). We experience first-hand how difficult and arduous life is in the hills of Ghyalchowk, Gorkha District.  The impassable paths to the individual houses on the steep slopes are arduous and cause many drops of sweat.

After the goats, the chickens

14 Chepang families have been busy over the last few weeks. The houses for the chickens had to be built. The materials were supplied by us, and these families were mobilised to build the coops. They built them themselves with expert advice.

It will primarily be the women’s task to look after the animals. They will be instructed by a representative of the veterinary office on how to feed and medicate the animals and on the necessary vaccinations. The women are committed and interested and look forward to their work as chicken breeders. Regular inspection visits from the expert and group meetings will continue to support them in their work in the future.

The women are also the ones who carry the 50kg sacks of feed, financed by us for the first few months, from down by the river up to their homes. But even with 50kg on their backs, they wring a smile. So much woman power, wow!!!

Then finally the big day arrived when the 2-day-old chicks were delivered. The women are very happy, an exciting time begins for them and gives them something to do in their everyday lives. It is their chance to earn a regular income in the future.

Feedback rounds with ‘goat groups’

Of course, we also wanted to know how our goat breeders are doing. The animals have been with them since February and are being well looked after – four little kids have already been born. We have received positive and valuable feedback at the group meetings. For example, it is currently not easy to find enough food for the animals in the immediate vicinity. Grass and fodder trees need to be planted in order to have enough food at all times in the future. We have initiated appropriate measures.

These issues will keep us busy in the coming period:

One House One Garden
Motivating families to have their own small vegetable garden, including water management

To the project description (PDF)

Personal hygiene
Prompts to wash hands, brush teeth, wash face etc. – to prevent illnesses

Nutrition tray (posan nanglo)
Nutritional teaching in mothers’/women’s groups with a focus on pregnant women and small children

To the project description (PDF)

Moringa trees
A healthy food for everyone

Networking and intensify cooperation
with the authorities and other NGOs


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