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Education and nutrition project at primary school

Since our visit in October 2023, a number of things have been implemented or initiated in the community.

In order to operate cost-effectively, a competition was organised among local food suppliers with the aim of purchasing high-quality food at the lowest possible price. The right supplier was found and, thanks to the cost savings, the budget is now sufficient to provide the children with an additional egg three Fridays a month and meat once a month.

Chepang: Food programme for the school and winter clothes for the children

Since spring 2022, we have been supporting the Shree Praja Jyoti School in the Chepang community in Ghyalchowk by funding an English teacher.

During our visit in October 2022, it quickly became clear that it is difficult for many families to feed their children. The children come to school hungry and their concentration and motivation are correspondingly low. They often stay away from lessons.

Since January, the children have been receiving a full meal of rice, lentils and vegetables every day before the start of lessons. The caretaker does the cooking, assisted by a mum from the community. The necessary utensils have been purchased.

A meal before school motivates families to send their children to school. The children are also more motivated and can follow the lessons better when they are full.

During our last visit in October, we were also concerned about the children’s clothing, especially in view of the approaching winter. Every child was provided with warm clothes and shoes. In a large-scale operation, children’s clothes and an additional two blankets per family were humped into the village in a half-hour march with the help of the local population. There was plenty of excitement and cheerful activity during the distribution. The people are extremely grateful for the support.

Community Project Chepang

Our support continues with the aim of giving the whole village a better perspective. The food programme is to become a community project. Together with the villagers, we look for opportunities and offer start-up support for implementation. Based on their preferences and opportunities, people should be empowered to get involved and take responsibility.

Planting vegetables, rearing goats and possibly handicrafts for women are ways of contributing to the livelihood of families. Food security, basic medical care and adequate education for the children are important goals that we want to achieve together with the local people.

The next visit is scheduled for April 2023, when details and specific measures will be discussed and finalised.


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