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Mastana and Manoj Khadga

Supported by Tara Namaste Foundation

The mother of Manoj (19) and Mastana (16) fought cancer for over eleven years until she lost the battle in August 2022. She ran a small restaurant in Kalanki, Kathmandu and the family had a secure income.

The situation changed when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She became unable to work and had to give up the restaurant. With that, the income also fell away. A sister of the mother in Birtamod took her in. 11 years later, the mother passed away.

The children’s aunt took care of Mastana and Manoj from then on. However, fearing that the children would one day might claim to her property, she soon refused to care for them.

Mastana found a home with another uncle in the Jhapa region, Manoj was taken to Kathmandu to live with another uncle’s family, but there he was more of a domestic servant than a foster son. It was difficult for him, he barely had money for college, subsisted mainly on biscuits, and his one-hour commute to school was on foot.

With the help of another family member, Manoj managed to get a scholarship to Everest Florida College and found housing and a part-time job. His earnings of 12000 Nrps are barely enough, the dorm alone costs 10000 Nrps.

Manoj studies management and computer science and his sister Mastana attends Nidhi Secondary School in Jhapa. Both have one more year of schooling ahead of them – Manoj plans to earn his money in the Gulf States after finishing school to take care of his sister. Tara Namaste supports both of them until the end of their schooling.


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