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Support for the Shree Patal Devi school in Ghyalchok

Destroyed by the earthquake – Tara Namaste provides emergency aid


After the 2015 earthquake, when we first visited the school, we found completely and partially collapsed buildings. The school also had no running water. Lessons were held outdoors in the blazing sun, in temperatures of more than 40°C.

Tara Namaste help:

As an emergency aid, the Tara Namaste Foundation provided new school supplies for the more than 200 students and financed a new water pipeline for the school. At the same time, a provisional school building was built using bamboo and corrugated sheet metal.

Since the 2015 earthquake, the Tara Namaste Foundation has provided the Shree Patal Devi school with teaching materials for 200 children and paid for the following for all of the students:

  • English classes
  • lunch
  • school supplies, such as notebooks
  • writing utensils and textbooks
  • school uniforms

The people in the region are extremely grateful for this continued support. This is because, other than the emergency aid provided by the visitors from Switzerland who travelled to the region immediately after the earthquake, this is the only support the people of Ghyalchok have received since the earthquake.

The Shree Patal Devi school is the only school in the region and is attended by more than 200 students. For many poor families in the region, this school is their children’s only opportunity to receive an education. Even though the state schools do not require tuition fees, many families are unable to afford school supplies, uniforms and lunch costs.

Shree Patal Devi school in Ghyalchok: Before receiving aid

Shree Patal Devi school in Ghyalchok: The difference Tara Namaste makes


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