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Supporters and Partners

Tara Namaste Foundation is supported by

Wiederkehr Recycling AG, Waltenschwil

The Wiederkehr Group has specialised in the recovery of recyclable metals and plastics from scrap and industrial and civil waste since 1959. The international company, which is headquartered in Waltenschwil, uses state-of-the-art technology and works together with the top specialists in their fields. Wiederkehr Recycling AG has been closely involved in the foundation and success of Tara Namaste.

Reflextra-Reflexologie TCM, Wohlen

The precise application of pressure to reflex points and zones can help keep the body healthy or encourage healing processes. It can release blockages, reduce symptoms and strengthen weak organ, bone or tissue structures. Reflextra offers a holistic reflexology method that fundamentally differs from the foot reflex zone massages with which most people are familiar and is, instead, based on three areas of knowledge: reflexology, traditional Chinese medicine and anatomy.

Himalayan Singing Bowl, Kathmandu, Nepal

We are the best and the biggest antique singing bowls collector in Nepal. Since 1991 we are involved in this singing bowls business and having a best 
response from International and National as a best established collector for the best quality singing bowls of all kinds (antique and modern). We are having a show room in the prime location of Kathmandu, in Thamel and we also provide a special opportunity for the real wholesalers to visit our residence located in Kathmandu for the huge collection of our special antique, unique and rare bowls. We are sure that once you visit our Gallery, you will find that your visit will be worth and you might not need to go somewhere to search your requirements. Our main goal is to fullfil the desire of every customer in one place so we are selling the bowls not only as wholesaler but also in retail and individually too. We have already exported our products to the USA, Canada, Hawaii, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, France, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, England, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan etc.

Mangal Man Maharjan (Entrepreneur), Mobile: +977 9851046147,
Head Office: 407 Pahiko Sadak, Khushibun Townplaning, Nayabazar, Ward No. 16, Kathmandu, Nepal
Show Room: Bhagawati Marge, Thamel, Ward No. 29, Kathmandu, Nepal, Phone: +977 1 4412181

Would you like to support us too?

Here you will find information on how to give children in Nepal sparkling eyes.


Tara Namaste Foundation
c/o CSC Company Structure Consulting AG
Landstrasse 63
FL-9490 Vaduz

Swiss branch:
Tara Namaste Foundation
Mühlebühlweg 25
CH-5616 Meisterschwanden

Nepal branch:
Tara Namaste Foundation Nepal
407 Pahiko Sadak, Nayabazar


Donation account

Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG
FL-9490 Vaduz

IBAN: LI63 0880 0562 1502 1200 1
c/o CSC Company Structure Consulting AG
Landstrasse 63, FL-9490 Vaduz