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Tara Namaste Foundation

Who we are and what we do

A strong foundation

Tara Namaste was founded in 2010 as a non-profit organisation to provide heartfelt and compassionate help for people in Nepal. In 2019, the non-profit organisation became the Tara Namaste Foundation.

Why Nepal?

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. The country has no public welfare organisations. In the larger cities popular with tourists, such as Kathmandu, Pokhara or Chitwan, aid projects have been in place for years; however, other regions of the country receive almost no aid. For this reason, Tara Namaste has decided to focus its efforts on areas located off the beaten tourist path. In 2010, Tara Namaste Balgram was established in south-eastern Nepal and has been taking in and caring for orphans ever since.

Following the major earthquake in April 2015, our efforts have expanded to help affected populations in the earthquake zones. In the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, we provided families with food and blankets, and erected provisional school buildings in the most severely hit regions and provided them with teaching materials and a new water pipeline. Over the long term, we help families by providing them with basic supplies, funding the education of their children and helping them to rebuild their homes, which were destroyed in the earthquake.

Another area of focus is financial support for the Shree Patal Devi school in Ghyalchok. Tara Namaste supports the school itself, as well as 26 boys and girls who attend it. The foundation covers all of the costs for these children so that they can attend school, including lunch every day, which their families are unable to afford. Tara Namaste also funds follow-on scholarships for the 26 children.

Direct aid that makes a difference

We have travelled to Nepal many times, which has allowed us to establish close relationships with trustworthy partners. Thus, we can be certain that all of the donations we collect benefit the people there directly. The organisation is officially registered in Nepal, meaning it is monitored by the government authorities there. Moreover, all of the children who receive support through our programmes are registered with the Nepalese authorities.

Careful handling of funds

All of the costs incurred by the Tara Namaste Foundation for administration, travel, advertising, etc., are covered privately. This allows our foundation to guarantee that 100% of every donation we receive goes to help the people we support. For this reason, we deliberately avoid quality labels, such as “Zewo”, so that we can take all of the money that we collect and use it directly to benefit the people in Nepal.

Careful monitoring on site

To ensure that the donations are going to the right place, we fly to Nepal periodically and monitor the progress of our various projects. Our travel costs (flights, accommodation, car rental, etc.) are covered privately. We also regularly post progress reports on all of our projects on our website:


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